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 "Envy - I am the same as everyone but with different challenges" 
 - James Van Praagh
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All locations are temporarily closed due to COVID - 19. No classes are running. 
Stay healthy at home by joining me for one of my VIRTUAL CLASSES!
Summer Schedule will be up soon! This year we will be offering more outdoor yoga classes and also different disciplines. A seasonal membership will also be available for those who are able to make it to three classes or more per week. Check back soon!

Please take a look to see what class might be for you! Classes are taught out of 5 GoodLife Fitness studios, Ocala Winery & Orchard, Valentia Church, Live With Spirit, and Curves Whitby. During summer months we use 3 outdoor event spaces - Dockside Whitby, Cobourg Beach, & Heber Down Conservation Area. During the autumn and winter months, these classes have been brought inside to different locations.

All levels welcome to all classes.

Don't be hesitant to try something new if you are looking for another program other than yoga. Classes also offer Pilates, Barre, and Barre Unhitched. Allow for change in your life, release attachments, and accept that growth is created through learning - sometimes you have to pass that comfort zone! 

We are currently working on our summer schedule 2020. This calendar will combine all Bohemian Bliss Yoga classes, programs, and retreats.

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