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 Meet the BBY Warriors

At Bohemian Bliss Yoga, ‘Life is what you make it…!’ We thrive on positivity and if it is not there, we are responsible for creating it. As a Warrior (a member on the Administrative side), we do our best to get you into the right class, at the right location, and at the right time. We customize our service for YOU. We always see the opportunity and follow a 'never say no' attitude. Warriors are always there for encouragement, a personal conversation, and are present while communicating with you along your health and wellness journey. We are to work on self-love first before attending to the needs of others and keep our energy and balance in a safe place. Tribe members spend time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Most importantly, we grow together as one. 

Life Story

Hi there! I’m Yogi Kay, or Kandra. You may have met me on the beach, at the winery with a glass of wine in hand, on stage in the sunflower field, through a computer screen, or at the Downtown Whitby studio space. I’d like to start with expressing my gratitude for your visit to the Bohemian Bliss Yoga website. Your interest in your health, wellness, and fitness is what gives us purpose. We love helping others, and hope that every part of your journey with us is filled with excitement, bliss, and is beyond your expectations.


Perhaps you haven’t yet started your journey, and you’re checking out BBY for the first time. I must mention, it didn’t all start here. It’s been one crazy journey to make it to where we are now. There have been both endless beautiful sunny days mixed with repeated torrential down pours. I have a strong intention I wake to everyday, and that’s to see the light in all darkness. To be the change in the world, follow the opportunity, and that anything is possible if you let it be.

Your whole life is a journey. On mine, I would have practiced yoga for the first time when I was just starting high school. I remember laughing in class uncontrollably - one of those laughs you just couldn’t stop. At the end of the class, the teacher came up to me and I was super scared she’d be upset with me. All she said was - you’re really flexible, you should become a yoga teacher! She proceeded to show me some really neat poses. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but that was the planting of the seed to my career.


Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I finished my Special Event Planning Diploma at George Brown College, attended Ryerson University for Business and Hospitality Management, worked and received the most pristine customer service training from the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and then proceeded to travel the world which was where I learned the most. I learned to be fearless, I learned what it meant to stay positive in the most negative situations, I learned what it felt like to miss friends & family, and I learned what it was to be free. 


It was on my travels where I picked up Yoga as a daily practice back in 2014. I was touring Australia, working on farms, exploring the beauty of nature and fell in love with the outdoors. I remember I would do the same practice everyday, and I taught myself from a book. At the time there was a lot I didn’t know about yoga, but I did receive the most incredible and impactful, life changing benefits that soon led to a much deeper journey with in. The experience and practice was so powerful, that it lead me to wanting to share it with you, and everyone else I have met along the way.


I started teaching Yoga uncertified one summer up in Muskoka. Friends would always ask what it was that gave me my spark and light, and encouraged me to teach them what I knew about the practice of Yoga. By the end of the summer, their encouragement led me to flying to India to take my Yoga Teacher Training (RYT). I wanted to go back to the roots of the practice, and where better to go than India, where traditional Yoga started. I was inspired by Ashtanga/ Vinyasa, the most rigorous and disciplined style of Yoga.


I started teaching when I was living in Malta, Europe. I wasn’t the greatest teacher, nor am I now, but I was persistent, committed, and had strong will power. I had a gift of bringing people together, and making all feel welcome. After returning home, I later took my Fitness Instructor Specialist, SoulBody Barre & Yoga Sculpt, and Hot Yoga certificates. At gyms, some weeks I would teach 20 classes or more, and now with the business side of Yoga and 60 hr plus work weeks, I’ve come to realize it takes a lot more than being flexible to lead the community. 


So here I am, 9 years later, with the BBY tribe. A bright, bold, beautiful, welcoming and supporting community of like minded individuals changing the idea of what it means to be and feel healthy in mind, body, and spirit. We are quite the adventurous group, having started outdoors 5 years ago at our true home - The Big Tree. Throughout the pandemic we took our teachings virtual within the first week and decided it was also here to stay. In 2021, we brought class indoors to our new home downtown Whitby.


I encourage you to follow your intuition, live with intention, and find your purpose. Your journey begins now if it hasn’t already, and life is what you make it. Sky above, sand below, peace within. The light within me, honours the light with in you. I welcome you on your journey, and I’m grateful to have you a part of mine. 


FB Personal: Kandra Cassar

IG Personal: @barefoot.beauty_

FB Page: Bohemian Bliss Yoga

IG Business: @bohemianblissyoga


Kandra Cassar


Yogi Name Yogi Kay

School Kranti Yoga, India Goa

Practicing Since 2014 

Teaching Since 2016

Certificates 200 HR Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation & Kriyas, 10 HR Hot Yoga, SoulBody Barre/Unhitched/ZenBurn Yoga, Fitness Instructor Specialist CanFitPro, Special Event Planning Diploma - George Brown College, Studied Business at Ryerson University and DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

Mantra "You're worthy of all your dreams coming true. You're more than you appear, the strength and the power of the world rests within you."

Favourite Style of Yoga Ashtanga

Favourite Yoga Pose King Dancers



Julia Scott (Yogi Excel)


New to the Yogi World - a Beginner​, Animal Lover, Green Thumb. Julia is seeking to better herself physically, mentally, and spiritually. She is here to learn and to help in any way she can.


"Feel free to approach me if you need anything and I will do my best to help you."                         - Yogi Excel


Rachelle Gervais (Yogi Rach)


Hello, I’m Rachelle also known as Yogi Rach! I have a passion for yoga and the outdoors. On my days off, you can find me on the hiking trails with my dog or kayaking in the water. My goal is to become a yoga instructor in the future and expand on my practice. Yoga has changed my life in many ways and provided a safe space to learn and grow. I look forward to meeting and supporting you while on your health and wellness journey!

PHOTO-2023-05-31-17-54-06 2.jpg

Michelle Isocianu (Yogi M)


Like many, started yoga virtually and then discovered BBY when I moved to Whitby. I was really impressed with the community that is being created and nurtured at BBY. I am delighted to be a part of this amazing team. 
Off the mat I manage a dog walking service and offer relationship coaching on the side. 
Looking forward to meeting and welcoming more people to the practice for the first time and are as excited to grow with this BBY community as I am!

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