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Kandra Cassar's Yoga journey has been an incredible & unforgettable, spiritually guided path through life. She classifies her Yoga practice to be a lifestyle oppose to just the physical practice of asanas (postures). She teach an Ashtanga Vinyasa flow, holding postures for 5 breaths, focusing on drishti (gaze), bandhas (locks), and vinyasa (marriage of breath & movement) and always has a creative and meaningful life lesson as an intention.

As a child Kandra took many different styles of dance, however it was Acro she enjoyed practicing the most. Acro is short for Acrobatics, playing with splits, bridges, cartwheels, aerials, back walk-overs, etc. Flexibility has stayed with her throughout the years because of practice. She believes we are all still kids at heart and this shows through our Yoga practice. During high school she joined the cheerleading team taking part in lifts, choreography dance, and group movement.


Once Kandra finished school she was desperate for adventure, to see the world, and explore all it had to offer. She packed her bags and moved to what she thinks is the most beautiful place on Earth - Lake Louise, Alberta. Her true love was found– nature & the outdoors, she always felt like something was missing from her life until the beauty hit her! From there, Kandra moved to Vancouver Island, gallivanting on the islands, and experiencing the open ocean. So if you didn’t already think she was a gypsy-traveling hippie…

Kandra had never been one to attend a studio on a constant basis for Yoga. Her journey may be somewhat different than how most Yogis pick up the practice. She would do a few classes here and there, but it was when she moved to Australia for a year that it truly filled her life in a very satisfying way, through lifestyle. She wasn’t working full time, travelling and picking up work along the way in the agricultural industry (working on farms, picking, packing, maintaining, tractor driving) following the harvest season. Kandra had more free time than ever before allowed for exercise and long time needed work on self-love. She started practicing her own routine everyday in a room by myself for an entire year. It changed her life in so many different ways. She became more mentally focused, positive, calm, determined, physically fit, and most of all, gave her self-love. From working on these farms she learned how to appreciate Mother Nature and all nature has to offer. She started appreciating real nutritious food and where it comes from, it changed her outlook on her diet completely. She eats a refined sugar-free, preservative free, diary free, organic when possible diet because she believes this is what real food is, prepared with love and meant to nourish the body, not just fill it.


Summers ago Kandra was working up in Muskoka where she'd practice Yoga on docks everyday teaching friends who wanted to know all about it! It truly made her think of how amazing it was to share her practice with others and how much they enjoyed and found themselves growing from it. That’s when Kandra knew she wanted to become a teacher. She started researching different styles of Yoga that resembled her practice the most. To India she went, the original birthplace of all Yoga! Kandra wanted to know where Yoga in the Western world truly originated from, so she went to study Ashtanga Yoga. On her journey, she travelled 9 other countries and started teaching in Europe.


Kandra considers herself to be a spiritual traveling Yogi, a free-spirited soul that lets the signs of the Universe guide her down this crazy path we call life. She believes this is the way all life should be lived, free from regret, judgment, and having nothing but the thought that we are all ONE in each other, peace, love, beauty, & joy.

"Bring your mat, energy, good vibes & smiles. Life is what you make it!  Let your journey begin..."

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