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Choose Your Smoothie for

Saturdays in the Woods

Before booking Yoga in the Woods see what smoothie you'd like to pre order for after the hike and yoga. Please note any dietary restrictions when booking. You will be notified if your request is not doable. Regular smoothies are 500ml and kiddie smoothies are 250ml.
All smoothies are dairy free, refined sugar free & made with love.

Sunset Summer Sweetness

A smoothie to healthily indulge in your day after a hike and practice:

a blended mix of banana strawberry and almond milk, sweetened with cacao, maple syrup and some crunchy  peanut butter 

Calories    265|Protein    7g|Carbs     46g|Fat    8g 

Calories  235|Protein   2.25g|Carbs   41g|Fat    8g

Sunrise Summer Spice

A smoothie to kick start your day if you're still not awake after a hike and practice:

a blended mix of banana mango and coconut milk, spiced with turmeric, cinnamon and some crunchy flaked coconut 

Midday Summer Refresher

A smoothie to refresh your day if the hike and practice weren't a breeze:

a blended mix of banana kale pineapple and coconut water, refreshed with agava syrup, and some crunchy chia 

Calories   237|Protein   4.42g|Carbs   57g|Fat  1.46g     


Midnight Summer Delight

A smoothie to delight your day and get you ready to relax at night:

a blended mix of banana
blueberries spinach 
and vanilla oat milk, sweetened with maple syrup, and spiced with cinnamon 

Calories   237|Protein   4.42g|Carbs   57g|Fat  1.46g    

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