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Bohemian Bliss Yoga
Waiver Form

New to Bohemian Bliss Yoga? Fill out this form below to tell us a little bit about yourself. Once submitted you will be added to the BBY Contact List and be able to attend any class, workshop, program or retreat run by BBY. All info is kept confidential.

What is your choice of daily work?


I PROMISE As a Yogi I understand that LISTENING to my body is a very important part of yoga and that pushing myself too far can be dangerous, cause accidents, serious injury and lead to death. I accept full responsibility for my well-being and agree not to hold Bohemian Bliss Yoga or the instructor responsible. I will inform my teacher if I at anytime feel pain or discomfort. I understand that the instructor is not able to provide me with medical advice however this information is used as a guideline to the limitations of my ability to exercise. I understand that yoga practice involves hands-on corrections and hereby consent the teacher to work in this way. I will remember to let my prana {breath} guide me and smile as often as possible.

I promise to follow the Yogic ETHICS and morals to the best of my ability throughout my daily life:


{Ahimsa} Non violence

{Satya} Thoughtfulness

{Asteya} Non stealing

{Brahmacharya} Abstinence

{Aparigraha} Non possessive


{Shaucha} Purification

{Samtosha} Contentment

{Tapas} Asceticism

{Svadhyaya} Self-Study

{Ishvara Pranidhana} Devotion

Bohemian Bliss Yoga is not liable for accident, serious injury or death during any hike, yoga class, special tour, or activity. At Alpaca Yoga/Snowga, Old Mill Alpacas and Bohemian Bliss Yoga are not liable for accident, serious injury or death during any part of the program. Dogs are allowed at Saturdays in the Woods. Please keep your dog on a leach. If your dog is not friendly, you will be asked to stay back away from the group. Bohemian Bliss Yoga is not liable for any serious injury or death caused by animals on any host property.

I promise to let my yoga practice lead me in whichever way it is desired to be. Yoga is what I make it!

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