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Our Tiny Farmstead Tour & Hike, Time with the Alpacas, Snowga by the Fire, Beverage and Snack

Start: Saturday, Feb 13th

1.5 hrs

11am - 12:30pm


31 Day Challenge

For the month of January, every class you take gets you a ballot into the draw to win a free monthly membership in February! If you do 30 days of yoga, your ballots are doubled to 60 and the chances are in your favour! (One missed day allowed). But remember, it only takes one to win!

Must register in advance for your ballot-per-class to be entered. Sign up by filling out the form below!

Registration Open until Dec 31st, 11:59pm

Enter the 31 Day Challenge

When you go through this form, close your eyes for a moment on the short answer questions and truly give them some thought. Let your goals come from within, and see what arises. No goal is too much or too little, all are achievable.

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Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Mind, Body, and Spirit


Remember, Life is what you make it! We're here to help you with your goals in 2021. 'Submit' below to committing to taking care of your health, wellness, and fitness through bettering your mind, body, and spirit!

Upcoming Series

Expecting? Prenatal Yoga is a great way to prepare your mind and body for the adventure ahead.

Six Sessions

Next: Jan 3rd - Feb 7th

Start Date: Sunday Jan 3rd

1 hr


(Program is occasional.)

Prenatal Yoga

New to Yoga, or looking for a gentle class?

Six Sessions

Next: TBA

Start Date: 

1 hr

(Program is occasional.)

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