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Heber Down Conservation Area


Saturdays in the Woods

Saturdays 9 - 11am

July 1

July 15
July 29
Aug 12
Aug 26
Sept 9

Taught By: Kandra

A weekend morning retreat in the woods. Start your Saturday off with exploring on a 30 minute hike at Heber Down lead by Bohemian Bliss Yoga. During this we go through an introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga off the mat. In front of the Big Tree, practice a 45 min yoga flow going through a warm up, followed by a warrior sequence, seated poses, a backbend and hip opener. Healthy smoothie of your choice will be waiting for you chilled with a Bliss Ball (treat) at the end! At check out, please fill out which smoothie you would like and inform us of any allergies. All levels welcome. Children 6 + welcome.

Tucked away in a forest full of trails that last forever in an open field where The Big Tree lives. A massive, untampered pine over 50 years old perfect for Eastern facing Sun Salutations.

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Saturdays in the Woods
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