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  • What procedures are you following to stay safe during Covid 19?
    At Bohemian Bliss Yoga we have a fully contactless system of operations. From start to finish, we follow social distancing. All participating class members are to stay 2m apart. Teachers take attendance from a distance, reframe from any hands on adjustments, and if walking around the class, they stay at least 2m away. All classes have a maximum of 10 attendees and preregistration is required. Waiver Forms and Covid - 19 Prescreening Forms are done online in advance to have information on record and to avoid any contact in person. 2020 - 2021 we are encouraging participants to bring their own equipment, however if you happen for forget something the teacher will have a few extras with disinfectant wipes for after class. We have all equipment for sale in The BBY Boutique. We are no longer accepting cash on site. Masks are not required unless the property owner where class is running requires them.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Some locations have a 'Rainout Location' including the waterfront locations, Ocala Winery, and Pingle's Farm Market. The waterfront locations move indoors to the Whitby Studio located at 100 Dundas St W (4 corner Brock & Dundas) and are also live streamed on virtual. Ocala Winery and Pingle's Farm Market have a roof covering, but open walls making them great for use outdoors in a safe, non indoor environment. Sometimes, Mother Nature has her way. A 'Rainout' class will be called at least 1 hr in advance. You will be notified via SMS with an offering to either A) Join us at the Whitby Studio B) Join us on Virtual C) Reschedule to the next class similar to your original booking. If the weather looks iffy, please look out for the SMS at least 1 hr in advance and respond back with your 'letter' (i.e. A, B, C) ASAP so we can move you over to that class.
  • What happens if there is another lockdown?
    We can not predict the future, but if we happen to go back into lockdown your Class Pass and Membership will be put on hold until we are out of lockdown. Be expecting an automatic extended expiry date on your membership. If you have a membership that is for vitrual, your pass or membership will not be extended.
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    For weekly classes in person and virtual, you may reschedule and cancel up to 12 hrs in advance and have your 1 Class Pass returned to you. You may cancel the class on your own over the Spaces by WixApp, or on your desktop by going into 'My Bookings'. If you are not on a Class Pass or another Pricing Plan, and you purchased a class 'paid per session' you will not be automatically given a class credit when you remove yourself from class. Please reach out to us to receive your 1 Class Pass. For programs, series, and events, you can reschedule or cancel up to 24 hrs in advance. Please notify us ASAP when cancelling a booking for a program or event. If you are not within the cancellation time frame for a weekly class, program, or event, please still contact us to let us know you're not going to make it by texting, emailing, or calling 365-650-7722.
  • What is the latest time I can book a class?
    You can book a class up to 10 mins before start time in the system. All classes are preregistration. If you are not within the class booking time you may call and someone from admin can book you into class.
  • Can I share my 5/10/20 Class Pass with a friend?
    Unfortunately, you are not able to share your pass with others. The system does not allows for it.
  • How do I sign up more than one person for a class?
    If you are signing someone else up for a class such at your child, partner, or friend, you will need their email address and phone number. You can create a separate login account for them, or 'Invite' them to the Spaces by Wix App so they can create their own. On the homepage of the App, you will see a button top right that says 'Invite'. If you're signing someone else up and they are unable to sign up for themself, you may go into the booking twice and put their name in the contact info instead of yours. It is best to put in their email if you can as then they will also recieve the confimration email. If you don't have their email, please forward them your confirmation email and have them fill out the Waiver Form. If your child does not have an email address and you are signing them up, please use your email address to sign them up and put in their name for booking. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the Kids Waiver Form.
  • How old does my child have to be to join class?
    Children can join at all locations,12 and over (if they are accompanied by you and have the attention span). Children taking part in an adult class, are charged the same fee. The Kid's Yoga class/ series is run for ages 6-12 years old. Signing up for the series in advance offers a discounted rate. Parents and parental guardians are required to will out the Kids Waiver Form for children 6-12 years old before class.
  • How do I cancel a class?
    To cancel a class over the Spaces by Wix App, click on the third button at bottom of your screen (a person). Go to 'My Bookings' and under 'Upcoming' you will see your booked classes. Here, you can click on 'Reschedule' or 'Cancel' to receive your credit back. To cancel a class over a desktop, sign in to your account. Click on your name at top right of screen (when logged in). Click 'My Bookings' and under 'Upcoming' you will see your booked classes. Here, you can click on 'Reschedule' or 'Cancel' to receive your credit back. Please note: If you did NOT book class on a 1/ 5/ 10/ 20 Class Pass, or Membership and you booked 'pay per session' you will need to contact us to receive your 1 Class Pass Credit. For our cancellation policy, see question in FAQ - What is your cancellation policy?
  • Do Monthly Unlimited memberships have to be purchased on the first day of the month?
    No. You can pick the start date of your Monthly Unlimited or Virtual Unlimited memberships when purchasing the plan. You may start your plan on any day of the month, and it will last for 30 days after. The system also notes the time you purchase the plan, if you purchase in the morning, you will be able to book for 30 days, until that morning. If you are looking to take the evening class, please reach out to a BBY admin member.
  • Why do you have an expiry date on a Class Pass?
    We are Bohemian Bliss Yoga! We frequently move from location to location and want to make sure you always have enough classes to attend during a certain season or time period. We can not guarantee number of classes on schedule passed your expiry date. We can however guarantee from the start date of your plan to the expiry date you will roughly have the same schedule offerings available to you. Having an expiry date also helps with setting goals for yourself. I.e. I want to take 1 class a week for 3 months, so you purchase a 10 Class Pass. This way you are more accountable and likely to attend.
  • Do you rent out loaner equipment?
    During Covid, we try not to loan out equipment. If you do need something, please notify us before attending class so we can bring it. We sell all of the props we use in class. Please see 'The BBY Boutique' to purchase and we can bring your prop to you at your next class.
  • What do you accept for payment?
    Due to Covid, we no longer accept cash payments. You can e-transfer to and write in memo what it is for, or pay with your credit card online. All credit cards are accepted.
  • Do you do private groups and if so, how much?"
    Yes we do! Anything from Corporate Groups, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Baby Showers, you name it and we do it. Please reach out to us for a quote on your next group get together!
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes we do! In our private lesson you can choose from Service A or B. A] Is for yoga to help with an injury and B] Is to help with progression and learning something new. After your private session you will also recieve a BBY Report Card of everything covered during the private lesson and things to work on.
  • What do you do over winter?
    During fall and winter we are fully operational! We rent out unique spaces to run classes in like the greenhouse at the Artisian Market at Sheridan, or All or Nothing Brewhouse in a half indoor/ half outdoor space. We have our studio space at 100 Dundas St W in Whitby that has a full schedule with most disciplines and class styles. We also have the full virtual schedule that operates throughout the entire year. During the winter season, we also rent out a church space in Valentia (Little Britain), and run programs at outdoor locations like Alpaca Snowga (Yoga in the Snow) and Yoga with Rescued Wildlife.
  • Frenchman's Bay Pickering, Progress East Park"
    FRENCHMAN'S BAY PICKERING PROGRESS FRENCHMAN'S BAY EAST PARK Google Maps: 684 Front Rd, Pickering, ON L1W 1N8 Park in parking lot. Overflow parking available on Annland St. at top of hill. Head down to the water and meet in grass field. Washrooms available on site.
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