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Lavender-Blu Seagrave

Cultivate calm through exploring 3 fields of lavender on a piece of flat land. Smell the different varieties of fresh bloomed lavender, listen to the bees buzzing, check out the insect hotel, and a small artisan studio filled with homemade love.

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Location offering
Yoga at Lavender-Blu
Cultivating Calm at Lavender-Blu (Program)

Yoga at Lavender-Blu

Tuesdays 7pm

Taught By: Kandra

Saturdays 10am

Taught By: Ally

May 20 - Sept 20

Join us at the Lavender-Blu studio before venturing onto the farm to enjoy a sunrise or sunset gentle yoga class overlooking the lavender fields. Cultivate clam, comfort, and harmony as you walk through the fields breathing in the aromas, noticing the colours, and feeling the energy. This class includes a short tour of the Lavender gardens and the farm.  A small spiral meditation on site to stay in zen and relax at after class. Artisan studio shop open to look around. 

Cultivating Calm at Lavender-Blu

Available Upon Request


Taught By: Ally

Call or SMS


Join us at the Lavender-Blu studio for Cultivating Calm at Lavender- Blu. Pick a date and workshop (see below for options). Participate in 45 minutes of a Yoga Flow followed by a workshop run by Mila, the owner of Lavender-Blu. Contact us to book your group by SMS or calling 365-650-7722. Group bookings can be made for 4 - 20 people.

Flower Crown Making

Lavender Bundle Harvest

Eco Gardens

Tea Harvest

Lavender Wands

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