Yoga Flow

Monday 9 am

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 9am

Thursday 6pm

Friday 4pm

Taught by: Kandra

Relax, unwind, and destress with virtual community for an hour class of gentle yoga. Work through a warm up to calm the mind and prepare for practice. Give the physical body what it needs, working through the neck, spin, and deep hip openers as I take you through postures to stretch and create body awareness. Cool down in the present moment and take all the time you need as you rest into your meditative state right in the comfort of your home. Props: exercise mat, yoga block, strap (All props are optional. You can use a carpet or towel in place of a mat, a pillow or bolster for a block, and a towel for a strap.)

SoulBody ZenBurn Yoga

Monday 7pm

Wednesday 8pm

Friday 9am

Taught by: Kandra

Get ready for SoulBody ZenBurn Yoga combining yoga flow, weight training, and cardio all to pre choreographed top hit music. This mindfully intense workout is made to sculpt the body in a new way. Feel through muscles you didn't know existed with innovative moves to get you to your goals. Props: exercise mat, X2 1-5 lbs hand weights (All props are optional. You can use a carpet or towel in place of a mat, food cans or water bottles as weights.)

In the comfort of your own home, snuggled with your fur babies and the option to be in more connection with oneself and to stay in your Shavasana for as long as your heart desires.

Yoga Flow
SoulBody ZenBurn Yoga

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