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Studio Etiquette

1. As we have limited space in the BBY Whitby Studio (15 maximum), it is best to book at least 1 week in advance to reserve your spot.

2. If you can not attend a class and there are 12 hrs or more before class, please cancel your booking on the BBY App or sign in through a desktop. If there are less than 12 hrs before class, please let us know you are unable to attend.


Notify and SMS the BBY number at 365.650.7722, or BBY Chat over the App. Remember if you are booked and unable to attend, you are taking up the space of another student.

3. SMS the BBY number at 365.650.7722 or BBY Chat over the App inform the teacher before class if you will be late or need to leave early.

4. No shoes in studio. Please leave them at the door.

5. Please only bring what you need to the studio. We have a small hallway and shelves for all belongings. Please leave your valuables at home.

6. No phones in studio or put it on silent before class.

7. If you arrive early and another class is running, please wait quietly.

8. After class, pick up cleaning supplies from front of the room and bring them to your mat to clean your equipment.

9. Please put all equipment borrowed back where it belongs.

10. There are spare mats at the studio incase you forget yours, however these are not meant to be used every class. Please purchase a mat if you do not have your own.

11. Please do not wear strong scents to class in respect of those it bothers.


12. Lastly, be friendly and introduce yourself to someone new!

If you have any questions about Studio Etiquette, you can contact us at

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