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Oshawa Waterfront

Enjoy the picturesque view of Lake Ontario. Above the beach, out of the sand, ground in the grass. Taking in the sound of the waves and and breeze off the water. A hidden gem of the Oshawa Waterfront.


Location offering

Yoga by the Water
Beginner Acro Yoga Series

Yoga by the Water


Begin with connecting and grounding in nature through mindfulness and centring your awareness. Join the fun environment with a group of individuals uniting and flowing together through postures to strengthen and stretch their muscles. This outdoor gentle yoga flow sequence is created using beginner to intermediate postures with simple transitions. End in stillness, and leave feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. All levels welcome, modifications will be given.

Beginner Acro Yoga


This beginner acro yoga series is for you, your partner, a sibling, daughter, mother, or friend to join you for a class! In this class you and your partner will go through a warm up to start and be shown how to get into different beginner acro poses every week. You will be explained safety tips and tricks, all while having fun flying and being a base.

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