Whitby Shores

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Yoga by the Water

Wednesdays 9am

Taught By: Kandra

Thursdays 6pm

Taught By: Monica

Fridays 10:15am

Taught By: Kandra

Sundays 9am

Taught By: Jenna

A morning/evening gentle flow sequence created using beginner postures and simple transitions. Join the fun environment with a group of individuals holding postures to strengthen and awaken the muscles, and also hold in deep stretches to relax muscle tissue leaving you feeling calm, restored, and ready for the week ahead. Beginners welcome as modifications are always given.

Barre Unhitched - SoulBody

Friday 9am

Taught By: Kandra

SoulBody Barre is a pre-choreographed total-body workout with ballet inspired movement, cardio surges, yoga poses in stretches, and moves derived from pilates. Workout to upbeat, great tones! Target all muscle groups in plank/push-up tracks, shoulder/bicep/tricep tracks, core tracks, thigh & glute tracks. This class is for everyone with modifications to assist all.

In this class we use 6-9lbs weighted bars and  light balls. These props are provided for you. Please bring your mat if you have one, if not, we have some to spare and also to buy.

Yoga Sculpt - SoulBody

Tuesdays 6pm

Taught By: Kandra

Get ready for SoulBody ZenBurn Yoga combining yoga flow, weight training, and cardio all to pre choreographed top hit music. This mindfully intense workout is made to sculpt the body in a new way. Feel through muscles you didn't know existed with innovative moves to get you to your goals. 


Props: exercise mat, X2 1-5 lbs hand weights (All props are optional. You can use a carpet or towel in place of a mat, food cans or water bottles as weights.)

Nestled beside the Whitby Yacht Club on a strip of sandy beach. A tree of shade and a breeze off of Lake Ontario. Over look the Whitby pier lighthouse and openness of Lake Ontario.

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Yoga by the Water
Barre Unhitched - SoulBody
Yoga Sculpt - SoulBody