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Meet the BBY Healers

At Bohemian Bliss Yoga, ‘Life is what you make it…!’ We thrive on positivity and if it is not there, we are responsible for creating it. As a Healer (a member of the Teaching Tribe), we accept all beings as individuals and encourage growth upon others from beginners to advanced. We follow a ‘listen to your body’, 'follow your breath’ and ‘smile as often as possible’ attitude when teaching and also off the mat. We promise to follow the Yoga Yamas and Niyamas (ethics and morals) to the best of our abilities. We are to work on self-love first before attending to the needs of others and keep our energy and balance in a safe place. Tribe members spend time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Most importantly, we grow together as one. 



Yogi Name Yogi Orchid

School Balanced Life Yoga

Practicing Since 2010

Teaching Since 2018

Other Certificates Reiki 1 & 2, Yoga for Anxiety Relief, Yoga Nidra , Meditation, 200Hr RYt, 500Hr RYT

Mantra “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Favourite Style of Yoga Yin/ Vinyasa 

Favourite Yoga Pose Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

Jaybe Mascariñas

Senior Teacher

I found “Yoga” through one of the home workout programs, P90X. I was hesitant of doing the Yoga X disc because I never experienced any value in “stretching.” As I continued to move through each pose, it brought up a lot of internal turmoil. I was frustrated, sweaty & mind blown that “stretching” was so difficult.


Over the years, I grew more curious about Yoga & why I found it challenging. So, I found a local gym & kept doing their morning yoga class before I left for my labor extensive job. Yin Yoga was the first style that I fell in love with. The balance of energy flowing through our bodies while releasing & resetting the muscle fibres. I was so amazed that after my very first class, I felt an instant relief flowing throughout my entire body. It brought a new state of being that I’ve never ever experienced before!


It kind of snowballed from there. I jumped right into the 200hr RYT, then my 500hr RYT at Balanced Life Yoga & quickly fell in love with how I was able to “heal” my body & found why I wanted to share this medicine & magic with others!



Yogi Name Yogi Jennifurever

School Shambhava Yoga, Arbol de Yoga, Punto Yoga

Practice Since 2005

Teaching Since 2016

Other Certificates Hatha 200 hrs, Vinyasa 200 hrs, Ashtanga 123 hrs, Yoguitos (Kids Yoga), Parinaama Fundacion (Yoga for Recovery and Addiction)

Mantra Progress, not perfection.

Favourite Style of Yoga Vinyasa and Ashtanga

Favourite Yoga Pose Camatkarasana - Wild Thing

Jen Dodman

Senior Teacher

The first time I ever practiced yoga it was when I was on my first day of high school. I remember waking up early, anxious about starting something new and on the TV there was a recording from the 70s with a woman in a fabulous yellow jumpsuit teaching yoga. After that, I didn’t come back to yoga until I was trying out different classes in a fitness centre and I decided to try the yoga class. After that, I dabbled in yoga on and off for years, practicing online and taking some sporadic classes here and there.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I started to practice more frequently and started to look for teachers and styles of yoga that I connected with. In 2015, I was ready to deepen my knowledge and practice and I found a teacher who was going to run a 200 hour Hatha certification in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

In 2016, I changed my lifestyle completely and turned toward yoga and its principles as a way of living. I began practicing every day and started teaching others. I completed another 200 hour training in Vinyasa yoga and went to India to learn more as I travelled through the country. I was led to Ashtanga yoga by a friend and I fell in love with it. Once I had started an intense training program, I found out I was pregnant which forced me to slow down and learn great modifications.

Currently, I love the freedom and diversity of Vinyasa yoga; I love taking classes and learning from others, as well as teaching. I continue to study yoga philosophy and practice as much as I can. I especially enjoy learning about intersectionality in yoga and social justice. For me, it is important to recognise the teachers that came before us and its direct lineage to India and be grateful for the practice every day. I look forward to learning with you and practicing together. Namaste. Jen

Kim Photo.heic


Yogi Name Yogi Kim

School Theresa Moodie Wellness (South Africa) YAI SA

Practicing Since 2016

Teaching Since 2021'

Other Certificates 200 HR RYT, Chakra & Fertility

Mantra The attitude of gratitude is the highest Yoga - Yogi Bhajan

Favourite Style of Yoga Strong Flows, Yin & Restorative

Favourite Yoga Pose Pigeon

Kim Murray


I grew up in South Africa and moved to Canada over a decade ago now and we now call this home! From one journey of moving to countries, to starting my own business and experiencing IVF, I embarked on another journey, Yoga… which will be lifelong and ever evolving. I had practiced Yoga over the years, but never really committed to a regular practice. When COVID hit, my anxiety was high and body aching, I needed help. My wonderful friend and yoga instructor in South Africa was offering online classes and I signed up and slowly started to notice a difference in my lower back aching less but also being able to BREATHE again, for which I am so grateful every day. I could also start to think about my future and what I wanted, explore, and importantly have fun! This was the beginning and each day I get to practice Yoga I am so grateful. I went on to complete my Yoga Teacher Training, Chakra Yoga and lastly Fertility Yoga. Teaching for me is a way to practice with a community of humans who have so much going on and different energies coming together and create a space where they are free to just be themselves. No comparison, no judgment, just you!


Outside of Yoga, I have a wonderful husband and bulldog who make up my little family. We love being outdoors, golfing and floating on the lake or snow shoeing and skiing in the winter. I run my own business which creates flexibility in my life to truly do things I love and to work from anywhere. We LOVE travelling, having travelled to all 7 continents and a growing bucket list, I am always planning a trip!


I am so grateful to be at Bohemian Bliss Yoga and looking forward to connecting with you!



Yogi Name: Kristine

School: Synergy Movement (Ruth Ann van der Voort)

Practicing Since: 2002 

Teaching Since: 2017

Certificates:  200 Hr YYT, Mat Pilates Level 1

Favourite Mantra:  Shanti (Peace)

Favourite Style of Yoga:  Vinyasa

Favourite Yoga Pose:  Boat Pose

Kristine Clayton

Seasonal Teacher

Pilates and Yoga have led Kristine to discover the benefits of keeping the body and mind well through movement.  Kristine believes Pilates and Yoga is for everyone and everyone should feel comfortable doing it.  Her classes will leave you feeling strong, centred, and balanced after your practice.  Kristine is certified in Yoga 200hr. and Mat Level 1 Pilates.   Kristine is a Registered Nurse and enjoys spending her time with simple pleasures such as hiking, kayaking or paddleboarding and enjoying a latte with a good book.


Yogi Name: Yogi Tea

School: YogaRenew

Practicing (Yoga) Since: 2018

Teaching Since: now!

Mantra: I can do hard things.

Favourite Style of Yoga: Hatha, Yoga Flow

Favourite Yoga Pose: Reverse Warrior

Patricia Browne

Seasonal Teacher

My name is Patricia, or Yogi Tea (like the drink!) and I am so happy to be joining the tribe of BBY teachers. 

I started my yoga journey several years ago as an unsure Yogi, hiding in the back of every class, hoping no one would notice me and that I wasn't taking up too much space. I never thought I'd be able to say "I practice yoga" let alone say "I teach yoga"! 


A couple of years ago I decided to challenge myself to do 100 days of yoga in a row which I completed on Halloween at  BBY Saturday in the Woods program. This year I've challenged myself to make 2023 my "Year of Yoga" and practice yoga every single day for the entire year. 


As I've grown in my practice both on and off the mat I've discovered that I have a true passion for sharing the healing power of yoga and meditation and my belief that yoga is for everybody and Every Body. 


I looked forward to seeing you in class! 

Cedar Media_-16.jpg


Yogi Name Yogi CC

School Yoga YogaRenew

Practice Since 2012

Teaching Since 2021

Other Certificates 200hr RYT Multi Style Yoga

Mantra Go with the Waves, they will take you exactly where you are meant to be. Health is Wealth!

Favourite Style of Yoga Vinyasa / Yin

Favourite Yoga Pose Shirshasana (Headstand)

Christine Cassar

Senior Teacher

I came to the mat 10 years ago, interested in the practice as a way to increase my flexibility and insert another level of fitness into my already vast array of workouts. Being an avid golfer also left me with a few joint and mobility challenges that I thought yoga might also help relieve. Everything at that time was physical and I didn't stick to the practice. Several years ago, I went through a traumatic life altering change. It left me in a dark place, one where some days I wasn't sure I would ever manage to pull myself out of. I found my way back to the mat, this time with a focus on the mind and body as a whole. Each evening it was my safe heaven, where I could sit in the seat of awareness with my breath as I rediscovered who I was. I had opened the door to my life again with constant practice. I did it at my pace, shifting slowly, looking to deepen my understanding of asana, yogic philosophy, breath work, meditation, until there was no turning back. 


The urge to teach has always run through me as I had gone to school to become a teacher, but never felt so strongly connected to a subject to transfer my knowledge. Not until yoga. When you personally encounter a transformation with a discipline, whatever it may be, something screams inside of you 'share this with the world, they need to know!' and so I undertook my teacher training and have recently graduated with my 200-hour certification. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach what I have learnt thus far (and continue to learn!) with Bohemian Bliss Yoga, out in nature and in the present moment. 


Yogi Name 

Practicing Since 
Teaching Since 
Favourite Class 
Favourite Move 

Melanie Basque


Cassie Hunter

Yogi Name Yogi Cass
School Canfipro, Soulbodyfitness
Practicing Since 2014
Teaching Since 2010
Other Certificates HIIT, Kettle bell, Muscle Conditioning, Cardio, TRX and Cycle, *New Yoga Sculpt

Mantra “Find happiness and health in life, enjoy the small moments, smile big, laugh loud and your all set” – me
Favourite Style of Yoga YogaSculpt
Favourite Yoga Pose Goddess



Yogi Name: Yogi Melly
Practicing Since: 2019
Teaching Since: 2021
Mantra: “Everything is exactly as it should be. I am exactly where I need to be right now.”
Favourite Class: Vinyasa 
Favourite Pose: Warrior 2, Fallen Triangle, all Heart Openers 

Melanie Basque





Alex Gillis





Yogi Name:  Yogi Paola

School: Balanced Life Yoga

Practicing Since: 2018

Mantra: A mind stretched by a new experience can never to back to its old dimensions

Favourite Style: Vinyasa

Favourite Pose: Wild Thing

Paola Cherrier

Seasonal Teacher

I fell into yoga after having a low back accident and was told I couldn’t return to the vigorous style of exercising that I was doing. When I was finally able to resume some form of exercise I thought of yoga because it was supposed to be “gentle”. Little did I know that I would discover the missing piece that I didn’t even know I was looking for. Then begun an amazing journey of discovery from which I have never looked back.

I am a mother of two adult children with a busy professional life that keeps me going. Yoga taught me how to breathe, and as my own children tell me, “Mom, somehow yoga made you more you!”

For me, the quote below captures what yoga is for me:

Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be.”    - Linda Sparrowe



Yogi Name Yogi J

School YogaRenew

Practicing Since 2019

Teaching Since 2021

Other Certificates 200hr RYT Multi Yoga Style

Mantra Share loving kindness.

Favourite Class Hatha and Vinyasa

Favourite Move Halasana (Plow)

Jenna Spark

Senior Teacher

My relationship with yoga developed slowly throughout my life but strengthened greater over the past couple of years. Being an athlete all my life and constantly playing sports, I never imagined the benefits I would experience when engaging in a yoga practice. After serious reoccurring knee injuries and difficult recovery from surgery, for months I felt useless and like nothing was left for me, but then yoga found me. 

It wasn’t until I hit a point in my life where I had enough – I needed a change. Yoga has taught me more about myself than I can even say. I dedicate my practice to my personal mindfulness and overcoming difficult obstacles life may give. Stepping on the mat acts as an outlet for me, and I’m so honoured to share that experience with my students. 

Due to COVID-19, the world was flipped upside down, and I was not adapting well. Thankfully, BBY went virtual which is when I truly became interested in the foundations of yoga. I would join as many classes as I possibly could until I finally dove into my 200hr YTT with YogaRenew. The more I learn about yoga, the more I’m excited to grow as a teacher because I believe yoga opens various doors of enlightenment in one’s life. 



Yogi NameSchool Kind Yoga

Practicing Since 2018

Teaching Since 2022

Mantra If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together  

Favourite Style of Yoga Vinyasa and Yin
Favourite Yoga Pose Fallen Angel 

Ally Goodlet


The first time I ever practiced yoga was back in elementary school when one of my teachers was going through her first yoga teacher training course. Many years later when I moved back home from living in Ecuador I was looking for that deep sense of connectedness not only within myself but my surroundings. That is when Yoga found me and it slowly became the missing piece I was searching for. Next thing I knew I became a regular attending classes at my gym and I was spending the majority of my free time with me, myself and my mat. 


When the pandemic hit Yoga was the one aspect that kept me pushing through - knowing my mat was always there to support me. As the lockdowns progressed so did my love for the practice and I was yearning to know more. My close knit communities were wanting to also join me on this journey of yoga but I lacked the confidence to help guide them on their own mats. This is when I knew a YYT had to happen and would allow me to gain the tools to eventually teach and along the way I deepened my own personal practice. Now upon completion I hope to eventually give back to those who encouraged my yoga journey for so many years and to all the future Yogis who show up to flow with me. 


I hope that through the power of yoga others can also gain a deeper sense of purpose and connectedness. To come to their mats and allow time to just give back to themselves.


Yogi Name Yogi Cass
School Canfipro, Soulbodyfitness
Practicing Since 2014
Teaching Since 2010
Other Certificates HIIT, Kettle bell, Muscle Conditioning, Cardio, TRX and Cycle, *New Yoga Sculpt

Mantra “Find happiness and health in life, enjoy the small moments, smile big, laugh loud and your all set” – me
Favourite Style of Yoga YogaSculpt
Favourite Yoga Pose Goddess

Cassie Hunter

Seasonal Teacher

I found the love for movement as a kid in sports and I have never looked back! My participation in sports has maintained consistent throughout my life and grew into a person who found fitness and health as a career! My mom also passed the love for teaching fitness onto me. She has taught fitness classes for as long as I can remember over 30 years!

After graduating in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University, I obtained my group fitness certification in 2014 and never looked back. One of the best feelings is leading a class and finding movement, connection and energy as a group. I use my passion for Group Fitness is to keep growing skills in the field of fitness and share my knowledge with others.  My goal is to lead others towards movement in any way I can to make their life happier and healthier. I have experience in teaching HIIT, Kettle bell, Muscle Conditioning, Cardio, TRX and Cycle. BBY has provided me with opportunity to learn and lead Yoga Sculpt as a volunteer while on maternity leave! I am very grateful for the opportunity as a new mom to take time in my life to learn a new element of fitness. I am excited to see where this new journey leads!



Yogi Name: Yogi Mil

School: Yoga Renew 

Practicing Since: 2012 

Teaching Since: 2023

Other Certificates: 200Hr 

Mantra: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”- Eckhart Tolle

Favourite Style: Vinyasa 

Favourite Yoga Pose: Tree Pose

Milena Schembri

Seasonal Teacher

Yoga has been a part of my life since my early high school years. I would attend classes at gyms, and various studios. I initially gravitated towards yoga for the physical benefits of increasing flexibility and strength which was helpful being a competitive dancer and playing rep soccer. 


Over the past two years, yoga has played a transformative role in my life due to its mental and spiritual aspects. This encouraged me to enroll in the 200hr teacher training where I could learn more about the yoga philosophy, foundations and healing powers. The core principles of yoga such as breathing, movement, meditation and positive thinking have translated into my everyday life. I’ve grown to appreciate the little things in life, approach each situation with positivity, connect to nature, and to honour the present moment. It has been an empowering self-discovery adventure that I am so excited to share with my friends, family and the BBY community. 


Outside of teaching yoga, I am also an elementary school teacher. It has brought me joy to share some of these calming strategies with my students. It is my goal to eventually take the children’s yoga course to expand my teachings. 


My hope is to bring presence and positive energy into the studio and nature practices. My goal is to support my students in feeling comfortable and free to explore what yoga means to them. I am so excited to be a part of the beautiful BBY community and to continue my own yoga journey with you all.

Pebble Beach

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