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At Bohemian Bliss Yoga, ‘Life is what you make it…!’ We thrive on positivity and if it is not there, we are responsible for creating it. As a Tribe member, we accept all beings as individuals and encourage growth upon others from beginners to advanced. We follow a ‘listen to your body’, 'follow your breath’ and ‘smile as often as possible’ attitude when teaching and also off the mat. We promise to follow the Yoga Yamas and Niyamas (ethics and morals) to the best of our abilities. We are to work on self-love first before attending to the needs of others and keep our energy and balance in a safe place. Tribe members spend time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Most importantly, we grow together as one. 

I first found yoga when I was 16 years old after suffering from a serious and traumatic spinal injury. When I attended my first yoga class with my sister, I had no expectations. I thought yoga was simply a form of fitness but soon found it was so much more.


As my practice evolved and unfolded, so did my passion and dedication. I spent several years attending classes and educational workshops which lead me to completing my 200 hour YTT with Frog Lotus in Costa Rica. I’ve continued to complete different certifications each year since.


With a lens of curiosity, I now carry more than 15 different certificates in yoga, and other formats of group fitness. I think it's important to remember that we are all students and will always be students. As a student and a teacher I like to remind myself and others to work outside the comfort zone because that is where the magic truly happens. 

FB: Debbie Ann Robar


My love affair with yoga started as a source of relief from a battle with chronic pain. I needed this physical practice to function daily. It wasn't until I took my teacher training that I realized how powerful the practice can really be. Yoga has taken me on a progressive journey of healing mind and body and I am so grateful to be restored. For that reason I am extremely passionate about the mind-body connection and the way yoga can heal and transform us through breathe, asana and a spiritual essence held within the practice.

I have found yoga to be essential to my life  and have always wanted to become a teacher and share that with others. During this pandemic I have finally had the time to slow down enough to fulfill this goal and received my 200hr RYT earlier this year. I am excited to connect and build relationships through my teaching and continue to expand my knowledge on my journey.

We are all born from love & light and then life happens and we feel/become disconnected. Yoga is the path back to connecting with self, spirituality and love for all.

FB: Carissa Gauthier


I came to the mat 9 years ago, interested in the practice as a way to increase my flexibility and insert another level of fitness into my already vast array of workouts. Being an avid golfer also left me with a few joint and mobility challenges that I thought yoga might also help relive. Everything at that time was physical and I didn't stick to the practice. 3 years ago, I went through a traumatic life altering change. It left me in a dark place, one where some days I wasn't sure I would ever manage to pull myself out of. I found my way back to the mat, this time with a focus on the mind and body as a whole. Each evening it was my safe heaven, where I could sit in the seat of awareness with my breath as I rediscovered who I was. I had opened the door to my life again with constant practice. I did it at my pace, shifting slowly, looking to deepen my understanding of asana, yogic philosophy, breathwork, meditation, until there was no turning back. 


The urge to teach has always run through me as I had gone to school to become a teacher, but never felt so strongly connected to a subject to transfer my knowledge. Not until yoga. When you personally encounter a transformation with a discipline, whatever it may be, something screams inside of you 'share this with the world, they need to know!' and so I undertook my teacher training and have recently graduated with my 200-hour certification. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach what I have learnt thus far (and continue to learn!) with Bohemian Bliss Yoga, out in nature and in the present moment. 

FB: Christine Cassar


This could be YOU! Are you a certified Yoga Teacher with your 200hr RYT, Personal Insurance, and CPR? 


We are always looking to hear your story and why you'd like to teach with Bohemian Bliss Yoga!


Send us an email to with your resume, why you like to teach yoga, and why BBY!



I was first drawn to yoga as a way to "fix myself" after years of physically and mentally abusing my body through my day job - and life in general. I fell in love with learning how to accept a slower pace, and honoring my body.


After years about joking how I'd leave my current field and run away to teach on an exotic beach somewhere, I finally decided to dive in to a teacher training program. As someone who believes we are never done learning, I have continued to take teacher trainings to broaden my knowledge, always eager to learn new things to share with others. I truly believe that yoga is for every body and everybody. Regardless of back ground, shape, or size, there is something for everyone to take away from practice.


Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down.

FB: Monica Mansfield


Recently retired from my career in medical oncology, a mother of three wonderful daughters, and now grandmother to three beautiful children! When I make changes I go all the way! Currently living lakeside in Bowmanville with my husband and three dogs, teaching yoga, Barre, RPM, and CXWorks at Goodlife Durham Region after 12 years in York Region I still miss my sweat buddies in Aurora.


I have a passion for jewelry making, and raising funds for “Dogs Without Collars”.

I have always worked my body hard, year after year. The mind body connection which includes calm, still strength was realized only after my YogaFit training.

Yoga on the beach is my dream! Dreams do come true! I am living it! Balance and peace!

FB: Roberta Crocco Winton


One of my favourite aspects of yoga is that it is a Practice, where we intentionally work the body, mind and soul. Individual work connected through community/ energy.  I first found yoga after my son was born in 2008. I practiced for the physical and social benefits. It wasn't apart of my daily routine until 2013 when my therapist recommended yoga and meditation as way to help with my anxiety, depression and PTSD after experiencing a traumatic assault. I started practicing at home with DVDs. It became a routine, the days I practiced I felt lighter. In 2015 my daughter was born. I came across an ad for a local yoga teacher training and without a second thought I was signed up... Not sure why but I was drawn to the program.


Yoga teacher training changed my life. I finally understood why my therapist recommended yoga and meditation to me. The foundations of yoga helped me transform my life, my whole way of living, the way I think, how I speak to myself and others. Yoga became much more than movement for the physical benefits, it became my lifestyle. 

Over the last few years I've completed my 200hr YTT, am currently working towards my 300hr YTT, am certified in YIN yoga, and Yoga NIDRA. In my classes we begin by building a foundation for our practice by connecting with our breath and the elements around us, leading with that connection throughout the flow, taking the time to quiet the mind to hear the wisdom of our bodies. To work and breathe through whatever comes up. And to honour the time you are giving yourself.

FB: Bobbi Reid


I first got into yoga back in 2014 when I fell in love with fitness. I have been doing yoga on and off since then and every time I stopped, I missed it. I trained and competed in my first body building competition in 2017 and became an in home personal trainer. No matter what I did I always got pulled back in while I was experiencing the toughest times in my life.


Last year after I lost someone dear to me I realized yoga was in my life to stay. I was able to regulate my emotions through asanas and pranayama. I started working on my certification last year and started to teach on the side as a student.


This year I finished my 200 hour certification and plan to keep going. I am constantly learning and I truly believe that teaching and learning yoga will be a lifelong journey for me as I feel it should be. We can never be perfect but that’s okay. The goal is to always learn and improve in all aspects of life.

FB: Leanna DeCicco

Finding time for self-care is what keeps me balanced. I enjoy physical work-outs, whether alone or in a group. It is so rewarding to experience the many benefits of physical and spiritual exercise.

I love helping others achieve goals which is why I chose education as a professional career. For the past 14 years I have been a professor of advertising and marketing. My love for instruction allowed me to evolve my teaching practice into group fitness.

Currently I teach barre classes. These mindfully intense workouts offer the perfect mix of yoga, pilates, and ballet, to deliver ‘a strong body and mind’. I believe work-outs should be challenging as much as they are fun. 

I want members to experience improvements each and every class. It doesn’t matter how small the change, with continued practice and discipline, desired results will be achieved.

FB: Dawn McInnes Salter


Physical activity and exercise have been a part of my life since the beginning. I grew up loving sport, fitness and the great outdoors. My passion for movement helped form my decision to study Kinesiology and Health Sciences. My learnings helped me understand that an active life comes easy to some and not others. Therefore I have dedicated my career to fitness and health to help others find joy in movement and guide people toward a better quality of life!  Everyone's path to health and wellness is different and it’s my goal to help you find it!

FB: Cassie Hunter


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