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Meet the BBY Healers

At Bohemian Bliss Yoga, ‘Life is what you make it…!’ We thrive on positivity and if it is not there, we are responsible for creating it. As a Healer (a member of the Teaching Tribe), we accept all beings as individuals and encourage growth upon others from beginners to advanced. We follow a ‘listen to your body’, 'follow your breath’ and ‘smile as often as possible’ attitude when teaching and also off the mat. We promise to follow the Yoga Yamas and Niyamas (ethics and morals) to the best of our abilities. We are to work on self-love first before attending to the needs of others and keep our energy and balance in a safe place. Tribe members spend time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Most importantly, we grow together as one. 

I found “Yoga” through one of the home workout programs, P90X. I was hesitant of doing the Yoga X disc because I never experienced any value in “stretching.” As I continued to move through each pose, it brought up a lot of internal turmoil. I was frustrated, sweaty & mind blown that “stretching” was so difficult.


Over the years, I grew more curious about Yoga & why I found it challenging. So, I found a local gym & kept doing their morning yoga class before I left for my labor extensive job. Yin Yoga was the first style that I fell in love with. The balance of energy flowing through our bodies while releasing & resetting the muscle fibres. I was so amazed that after my very first class, I felt an instant relief flowing throughout my entire body. It brought a new state of being that I’ve never ever experienced before!


It kind of snowballed from there. I jumped right into the 200hr RYT, then my 500hr RYT at Balanced Life Yoga & quickly fell in love with how I was able to “heal” my body & found why I wanted to share this medicine & magic with others!

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FB: Jaybe Mascariñas


I came to the mat 10 years ago, interested in the practice as a way to increase my flexibility and insert another level of fitness into my already vast array of workouts. Being an avid golfer also left me with a few joint and mobility challenges that I thought yoga might also help relieve. Everything at that time was physical and I didn't stick to the practice. Several years ago, I went through a traumatic life altering change. It left me in a dark place, one where some days I wasn't sure I would ever manage to pull myself out of. I found my way back to the mat, this time with a focus on the mind and body as a whole. Each evening it was my safe heaven, where I could sit in the seat of awareness with my breath as I rediscovered who I was. I had opened the door to my life again with constant practice. I did it at my pace, shifting slowly, looking to deepen my understanding of asana, yogic philosophy, breath work, meditation, until there was no turning back. 


The urge to teach has always run through me as I had gone to school to become a teacher, but never felt so strongly connected to a subject to transfer my knowledge. Not until yoga. When you personally encounter a transformation with a discipline, whatever it may be, something screams inside of you 'share this with the world, they need to know!' and so I undertook my teacher training and have recently graduated with my 200-hour certification. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach what I have learnt thus far (and continue to learn!) with Bohemian Bliss Yoga, out in nature and in the present moment. 


FB: Christine Cassar