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At Bohemian Bliss Yoga, ‘Life is what you make it…!’ We thrive on positivity and if it is not there, we are responsible for creating it. As a Tribe member, we accept all beings as individuals and encourage growth upon others from beginners to advanced. We follow a ‘listen to your body’, 'follow your breath’ and ‘smile as often as possible’ attitude when teaching and also off the mat. We promise to follow the Yoga Yamas and Niyamas (ethics and morals) to the best of our abilities. We are to work on self-love first before attending to the needs of others and keep our energy and balance in a safe place. Tribe members spend time in nature and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Most importantly, we grow together as one. 


If life is a roller coaster, yoga is that moment after the first drop. Where going back up gets easier. I can let go of the coaster because everything is fine. Yoga helps me clear my head in the chaos. Through my asana practice, pranayama (breathing) and Dhyana (meditation) went hand-in-hand. I practiced for a few years before going to teacher training in Toronto. Then moved to Kingston and taught while in school for Fitness and Health Promotion. The studios there were amazing and the instructors were creative and welcoming. 

Moving back home brought big changes and a new appreciation for my body. As I got to experience prenatal yoga, now postnatal I continue to learn and hope to share my experiences through a Vinyasa style practice. 

Jaybe (Orchid)

I discovered Yoga as a form rehabilitation for my body when I worked different labor extensive jobs. Irregular sleeping patterns & incorrect lifting positions took a toll, not only on my physical level but also mentally. I looked to yoga to reverse all those aches & pains & decided to gain more knowledge of how my body moves & feels. Receiving this ancient wisdom has allowed me to share my passion of Yoga to everyone I meet on a daily basis. Helping people was my main goal but to teach them how to live happier, pain free, stress free & having fun while doing it is a dream come true!


I love Yoga because being in this creative energy while being in service allows me to express my truest form of authenticity & passion. I love to teach Yoga because I am in a constant state of learning from my students & growth in order to serve them better. Allowing me to be the best version every time I step into the class!

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