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Pingle's Farm Market

Around the newly renovated farm market, past the trees, in front of the old country farm house, is a flat piece of land under a few ancient oak trees offering a shady spot of grass hidden from the heat of the sun. 

Location offering

Sunflower Yoga
Pumpkin Yoga
Image by Marius Ciocirlan

Sunflower Yoga at Pingle's Farm Market

TBA 2023

This class is booked through Pingle's Website. BBY discount codes and coupons not applicable.

Join us during the most sunny time of year at Pingle's Farm Market in a field of sunflowers. Walk along side the apple orchard to make it to your destination, acres upon acres of all varieties of sunflowers. Practice in a group filled with high energy and summer vibes as we flow through a class. At the end of practice, venture into the field to find yourself a sunflower to take home with you. All levels welcome, modifications will be given.

Pumpkin Yoga at Pingle's Farm Market



A morning gentle flow sequence created using beginner postures, simple transitions, and pumpkins as props! Join the fun environment holding postures to strengthen and awaken the muscles amongst the pumpkin back drop. Hold in deep stretches to relax muscle tissue leaving you feeling calm, restored, and ready for the weekend. Beginners welcome as modifications are always given.


Kids 12 years of age and up are welcome. Must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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