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BBY Mala Bead Bracelet

BBY Mala Bead Bracelet


A Mala Bead Bracelet to protect you and give you more of what you need. See 'Gem Description' to see what other benefits these braclets hold other than their great looks. All braclets have a BBY guru bead. The Guru Bead is your teacher, it holds your prayers and intentions. When using a Mala for meditation, you start by holding your guru bead and setting your intention for your practice. Then, you take a deep inhale and exhale for each bead after that.


These bracelets are Ontario made from a local Yogi at Terra Beads. Each one has been hand crafted making them unique and different. 

  • Gem Description

    Howlite (white/grey) - Reliever of stress and anxiety, calms the mind. Eases sleep patterns.

    Brazilian Amethyst (purple) - Strong cleansing and healing stone, helps cultivate tranquility.

    African Amazonite (teal/blue) - Dispel negative energy, calms the soul and boost self confidence.

    Tri (a mix of all gems).

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