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Soper Creek

Wildlife Rescue


See the rescued wildlife on your way through the enchanted forest. Set up for class amongst the trees and beside the winding Soper Creek. Hear the sounds of the birds and the water as you immerse yourself in nature.

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Yoga with Rescued Wildlife

Available Upon Request


Taught By: Kandra

Call or SMS


Join us at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, Durham Region's only wildlife rehabilitation & education centre for a 45 minute tour to see the rescued animals, followed by a hike through the forest to a shady spot in the woods. Connect with nature in this serene environment as you participate in a 45 min yoga class listening to the creek around you and hearing the wind in the trees.

Yoga with Rescued Wildlife is kid friendly. Please sign up all children 4 and over. Children 3 and under are free. Waiver Forms must be filled out for all participants. Please fill out a Kids Waiver Form for all attendees 12 and under (including under 3 years old).

Contact us to book your group by SMS or calling 365-650-7722. Group bookings can be made for 4 - 20 people.

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Yoga with Rescued Wildlife 
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