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Two Blokes Cidery

Between the grape vines and honey crisp apple trees, on the flat grass beside the cidery surrounded by rolling hills. Live music and laughing in the distance.

Location offering

Yoga & Cider

Yoga & Cider

Fridays 6pm

Taught By: Milena

May 20 - Sept 20

Come and join us for a fun Yoga & Cider class at the Two Blokes Cidery in Seagrave Ontario. Take a look inside the cidery, purchase your beverage for class (12 varieties to choose from) and walk the property. Sip small amounts of cider in class as you focus on balance, letting go, and having a good time! Expect to find your breath, feel relaxed, and connect to nature around you. Most evenings there is also a live band to enjoy after class! Cider is optional, 19 years + if purchasing a cider.

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