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Voted #1 Best Yoga Centre in Oshawa/ Whitby 3 Years in a Row

Voted #1 Best Yoga Instructor in Clarington 3 Years in a Row

 Life is what you make it

Voted #1 Best Yoga Instructor in Oshawa/ Whitby 3 Years in a Row

Voted #1 Best Yoga Centre in Clarington 3 Years in a Row

Summer Offerings

Would you like some more info on the Summer Season and to know if BBY is right for you? Share your contact details and a member of the BBY Tribe will get back to you! You can also call us at 365.650.7722

Purple Buds

Outdoor, Studio, and Virtual Classes Running





Bohemian Bliss Yoga is a community organization supporting you along your health, wellness, and fitness journey through yoga movement, outdoor living, and a natural lifestyle. Throughout the year we hold weekly classes, programs, series, workshops, events, and retreats to help you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually by finding your inner self awareness and connecting your mind, body, and spirit.


Annually, Bohemian Bliss Yoga operates a studio space downtown Whitby, Ontario at the 4 corners. All classes in studio are taught hybrid, live streamed online. Classes offered range from all styles of Yoga (Restorative, Nidra, Yin, Hatha, Yoga Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga), and choreographed movement SoulBody Yoga Sculpt, Barre, Barre Unhitched, LIIT and HIIT. Other teachings include private groups, corporate wellness, team events, school classes at all levels, one-on-one private yoga, meditation, and pranayama sessions. Sessions can take place at the comfort of your home, our studio space, on virtual, at your office or school, or at an outdoor location.

Bohemian Bliss Yoga offers series, programs, and workshops periodically throughout the year. Series include Prenatal YogaChair Yoga and Kids Yoga. Programs that we offer are Saturdays in the Woods, a 2 hr morning retreat with a half hour guided hike focusing on Introductory to the 8 limbs of Yoga. Others are Alpaca Snowga, Yoga with Rescued Wildlife, SUP Yoga, Yoga with Horses, Snowshoe Snowga, Maple Syrup Tour and Yoga, and Cultivating Calm at Lavender-Blu. A few workshops we run are Beginners Yoga 101, Chaturanga 101, Inversions 101 and Acro Yoga 101/102. In June 2023, we look forward to having our first Teacher Training!

In summer months, June - September, Bohemian Bliss Yoga operates Yoga by the Water at Pickering Frenchman's Bay, Ajax Waterfront, Whitby Shores, Oshawa Lake, Port Darlington West Beach, Newcastle Waterfront, and Cobourg Beach. Three times a week we have Yoga at Lavender-Blu including a Yoga Flow class, garden tour, and a meditation spiral. Wine and Yoga at Ocala Winery & Orchard is held once at the end of every week. Yoga at Pingle's Farm Market is once a week on a Saturday morning with a Kid's Yoga during the week. Yoga at Field Notes Flower Farm runs once a week during sunset throughout the summer months. All outdoor classes are Yoga Flow, however you can find Yoga Sculpt, Barre, Barre Unhitched, LIIT and HIIT at the studio over summer. 


During the autumn months, Bohemian Bliss Yoga holds an end of year event, A Blissful Summer's End bringing everyone together one last time before a full indoor studio and virtual class schedule starts. At the end of the year we have It's a Blissful Christmas, a December afternoon Restorative Wellness Workshop teamed up with other like minded companies bringing you the latest in health and wellness. Our newest event 'A Blissful Bloom' will take place this year for the first time - a summer kick off party. 'A Blissful Summer Solstice/Autumn Equinox' are smaller events throughout the year. Halloween and St.Patrick's Day are spent at All of Nothing Brewhouse for Beer and Yoga. A 12-week Intro to Meditation program runs from January - March. 'Spring into Summer' in May, and 'Fall into Winter' in October are both 2 night/2 day retreats in Algonquin specializing in adventure, exploring, self discovery, yoga, and meditation, all mixed with nature and the outdoors.

The Bohemian Bliss Yoga Boutique has an apparel line with hoodies, T's and tanks. We have all your yoga and fitness props including eco-friendly mats, mat spray, hand weights, weighted bars, natural blocks, homemade straps, and balls. Our jewellery collection has custom BBY malas, mala bracelets, and yoga necklaces, all made by Yogis in our community.  

"After following the Yogi lifestyle of pranayama, asana practice, meditation, and healthy eating it has changed my life in every way possible! Finding your true self is the most liberating and free feeling I believe everyone needs a little more of."

"Come join us in nature, and let your Yoga journey begin! Life is what you make it..."


"I took my first yoga class with Bohemian Bliss at the age of 56, and it has made me feel so much better. The stretching and movements help my back and neck pain, help me sleep better, and improve my stress levels. Kandra modifies my class according to what areas I need to work on and how I am feeling that week. Yoga in the park was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to attending again this spring. Kandra really understands the mind and body connection and she has helped me improve my health."                                    - Vicky, July 2018

"I had such a great experience with Bohemian Bliss Yoga at Lavender Blu! Kandra is such an amazing yoga instructor and I really enjoyed her positive vibe. Thanks so much Kandra! Also I just love this location...such beauty!"

                          - Catherine, September 2018


"I love being one with nature!! Definitely a great experience , doing yoga in the woods is better then being inside a studio!! The smoothie and the energy balls are delicious!! I hope it continues in the fall/ autumn!! I will definitely join next summer!!                         - Angie, August 2018

"I attended my first outdoor by the water yoga session for this year. I loved being outside, hearing the water and still practicing social distancing. Bohemian Bliss limited the number of participants so we didn't have to worry about being too close. The instructor was great. Can't wait to do another class."       - Jackie, July 2020

"Bohemian Bliss Yoga is a fantastic fitness offering. I began taking classes outdoors in Summer 2020. The consistent high quality programming kept me wanting more! The staff are super friendly to new participants and they encourage you to improve no matter your skill level. I stuck with the classes for 12 consecutive weeks! My flexibility and wellbeing increased significantly and I can certainly say that I gained a new love for Yoga. There are still so many other programs and events to explore! Bohemian Bliss Yoga is not just a fitness and wellness offering it is a positive community to be apart of that is relevant and consistently keeps you engaged."                                         - Cassie, January 2021

“Kay is a true inspiration. She is the type of instructor/mentor who inspires you to find your motivation and embrace every challenge. She has a contagious energy of optimism about her which makes every session enjoyable. I have had the opportunity to work with Kay both as a fitness client and as a promotional supplier to her yoga business. I grow more inspired from every interaction with her and I always look forward to our next session or project.”                                                                   - Dawn, March 2019

"I loved my experience participating in Yoga in the Woods! It’s a great way to spend time outdoors when the weather is warm, and get involved in the yoga community. I leave every session feeling invigorated and ready to tackle my day!"                    - Katharine, March 2019

Finding Bohemian Bliss has been a true blessing this summer. Outdoor yoga in absolutely spectacular locations (beach & flower/lavender farms) has renewed my mind, body and soul after a long 16 months of isolation. The yogis are well trained and knowledgeable in different aspects of yoga - more than just the physical part (asanas). I look forward to more classes through the fall and possibly taking part in the weekend retreat. These classes nourish me far more than the ones at my regular gym (which are really good too). Thank you very much Bohemian Bliss!!! I'm so grateful.

                                                                                             - Kathleen, September 2021

Yogi K ran a private outdoor bachelorette yoga session and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. She was extremely friendly, mindful of those who haven’t done yoga before, and really read the energy of the group. The whole party enjoyed the experience and we would recommend to anyone looking for a unique, welcoming, and blissful outdoor yoga experience.                                                                                             - Avery, August 2021

If you're looking for a fun, inclusive, engaging yoga studio with a real sense of community and a very wide variety of classes, then look no further. BBY is all of those things and more. From your Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes to dance flow yoga, HIIT, barre, sculpt and broga. There is a class for you. The instructors are all kind, friendly and helpful, the downtown Whitby studio is lovely (but up two steep flights of stairs - be aware) and there are tonnes of alternate locations and class offerings. Not to forget, most if not all of their studio classes are offered virtually as well, so you can even take a class from the comfort of your own home!

I started yoga about 3 years ago, and as a "fat yogi" (that's my own term, don't get mad) I have felt welcomed and included every single step of the way. I cannot recommend BBY enough.                                                                                          - Patricia, May 2022

I love being a BBY member. An amazing, supportive community and workouts I LOVE doing - the best part is that I can do them at home (or at my office) if I need to. The schedule is a flexible and booking is a breeze. Best decision I made.                                                                                             - Elisha, September 2022

I decided to take a class at Bohemian Bliss one day for a fun girls day outing not expecting much to come out of it. When I signed up for the class I was pleasantly surprised at how much effort they put into making you feel at home and comfortable. From the text messaging feature, the app and the online website it was so easy to navigate and have your questions answered in a timely manner.

When I arrived to the class I was greeted by the lovely Yogi Kay and Kim. I immediately felt my anxiety and nerves calm. I felt so welcomed and already like I was part of the community. Kim’s class was really nice and a good introduction for me to get back into yoga.

Again, I am so happy I decided to take the chance to book a class as it turned into me deciding a month pass was a better option for me. The environment allows you to challenge yourself while being in a safe and inclusive space. I’m really happy I found bohemian Bliss.

I can’t wait to continue to attend classes  
                                                                                       - Toni, January 2023