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Bohemian Bliss Yoga is a community organization supporting you along your health, wellness, and fitness journey through yoga movement, outdoor living, and a natural lifestyle. Throughout the year we hold classes, programs, events, and retreats to help you grow by finding your inner self awareness and connecting your mind, body, and spirit.


During the year, Bohemian Bliss Yoga teaches live virtual online classes at a home studio. You can also find us at GoodLife gyms, Lakeside Personal Training Studio and at Valentia Church. Classes offered are a free-style Yoga Flow, and choreographed SoulBody Yoga Sculpt, Barre, Barre Unhitched, and Power - a HIIT and Tabata style class. Other programs offer private groups, corporate wellness, team events, school classes at all levels, and one-on-one private yoga,  meditation, and pranayama sessions in the comfort of your home or outdoor location such as local parks, beaches, and wooded forests. 

In summer months, June - September, Bohemian Bliss Yoga operates Yoga by the Water at Whitby Shores, Port Darlington West Beach, and Cobourg Beach. All locations offer 5 or more Sunrise and Sunset classes, including Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt, and Barre. Once a week we have Yoga at Lavender-Blu including a Yoga Flow class, mini lavender workshop, and a spiral circle meditation. Yoga in the Orchard at Ocala Winery & Orchard is held once a week including a Yoga Flow class and glass of wine. Yoga at Pingle's Farm Market is also held once a week on a Saturday morning. Yoga in the Woods is a 2 hr morning retreat including a half hour guided hike focusing on Introductory to the 8 limbs of Yoga, a Yoga Flow class, a smoothie and Bliss Ball of choice. This retreat runs every third Saturday morning of the month at Heber Downs.


During the autumn months, Bohemian Bliss Yoga holds an end of year event, A Blissful Summer's End bringing everyone together one last time before a full virtual class schedule starts. At the end of the year we have It's a Blissful Christmas, a December afternoon Restorative Wellness Workshop teamed up with other like minded companies bringing you the latest in health and wellness. A 12-week Intro to Meditation program runs from January - March, and 'Spring into Summer'  in May, a 3 night/2 day winter retreat in Algonquin specializing in adventure, exploring, nutritional cooking, yoga, and meditation, all mixed with nature and the outdoors.

"After following the Yogi lifestyle of pranayama, asana practice, meditation, and healthy eating it has changed my life in every way possible! Finding your true self is the most liberating and free feeling I believe everyone needs a little more of."

"Come join us in nature, and let your Yoga journey began!"



"I took my first yoga class with Bohemian Bliss at the age of 56, and it has made me feel so much better. The stretching and movements help my back and neck pain, help me sleep better, and improve my stress levels. Kandra modifies my class according to what areas I need to work on and how I am feeling that week. Yoga in the park was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to attending again this spring. Kandra really understands the mind and body connection and she has helped me improve my health."                                    -Vicky, July 2018

"I love being one with nature!! Definitely a great experience , doing yoga in the woods is better then being inside a studio!! The smoothie and the energy balls are delicious!! I hope it continues in the fall/ autumn!! I will definitely join next summer!!"♥️♥️♥️           -Angie, August 2018

"I loved my experience participating in Yoga in the Woods! It’s a great way to spend time outdoors when the weather is warm, and get involved in the yoga community. I leave every session feeling invigorated and ready to tackle my day!"            -Katharine, March 2019

“Kay is a true inspiration. She is the type of instructor/mentor who inspires you to find your motivation and embrace every challenge. She has a contagious energy of optimism about her which makes every session enjoyable. I have had the opportunity to work with Kay both as a fitness client and as a promotional supplier to her yoga business. I grow more inspired from every interaction with her and I always look forward to our next session or project.”                                   -Dawn, March 2019

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