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Field Notes Uxbridge

Rows upon rows of a variety of perennial and annual flowers in all different colours. Sunset to the west overlooking rolling hills, and the flower beds to the east. Surround yourself in the tranquil environment in a rural area.

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Full Moon Events at Field Notes

Full Moon Events at Field Notes


Field Notes is an ecological flower farm growing a variety of blooms in harmony with the seasons. During 3 full moon events of the season, enjoy a gentle yoga class infused with the energy of the moon and with breath work followed by relaxation at the end. See the sunset on one side of you and overlook a variety of flowers on the other. Stand amongst the trees for a shady class, take in the breeze as it comes up over the hill, find tranquility in this rural area.


After class, participate in a 'pick-your-own' experience in the flower fields with what is in harvest. Each participant is given a mason jar with water to take home their bouquet.

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