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Macrame Strap and Mat Holder

Macrame Strap and Mat Holder


This dual macrame strap can be used as a mat carrier/ holder and also a prop in class. Fold each end through the wooden loop to put each end of your mat n it to hang it over your shoulder. Pull the ends through the loops when you get to class to use as a strap and assist with your forward folds. 


These straps are Ontario made from a local Yogi at Northern Collectives. Each one has been hand crafted making them unique and different. 

  • Wash/Dry

    Spray with yoga mat cleaner or natural solution and let air dry.

  • Specifications

    65 in (165cm)


  • Varieties

    Natural Beige

    Beige and Purple (Beige dominant)

    Beige and Teal (Beige dominant)

    Teal and Beige (Teal dominant)



    Tie Dye



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